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Debut 25th Anniverssary Blu-ray Re-issue

VISUAL 2012.12.26
Victor Entertainment


[品番 / 価格]

「B-T LIVE PRODUCT -1987/1989/1992 VICTOR YEARS-」
VIZL-514 / 特別価格¥12,190(tax out)
※「バクチク現象 at THE LIVE INN」「Sabbat」「Climax Together」同梱
▼バクチク現象 at THE LIVE INN
VIXL-104 / ¥5,000(tax out)
VIXL-105 / ¥5,524(tax out)
▼Climax Together
VIXL-106 / ¥5,524(tax out)

バクチク現象 at THE LIVE INN Sabbat Climax Together Collector's Box

同時発売DVD[品番 / 価格]
▼バクチク現象 at THE LIVE INN
VIBL-654 / ¥4,000(tax out)
VIBL-656~657 / ¥4,571(tax out)